Gold Price Today 30/7: In new rally

Doji domestic gold price opened at $ 36.42 the day 30/7 million / tael (buying) and 36.5 million / tael (selling out), the price of gold tends to decrease as compared with the opening 29/7 days was 36.68 million / tael (sold) and 36.6 million / tael (buying). In three days, the gold price peaked 36.7 million / tael (selling) and stable trading at 36.68 million dong / tael (selling).
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SJC gold price in Hanoi’s Bao Tin Minh Chau is 36.320 million / tael (buying) and sold was 36.590 million / tael (selling). SJC gold price reached 36.67 million / tael (selling) on ​​28/7 and average weekly trading at 36.43 to 36.49 million / tael (selling).

Update international gold prices, at 6 hours (now Vietnam) on the US market, the transaction price 1350.67 USD / ounce (buy) and 1351.17 USD / ounce (sold out). Weak dollar has pushed gold prices higher.

In the US, the dollar fell slightly due date reports Q2 GDP grew by only 1.2% did not reach 2.6% as expected. Another impact to the price of gold as a result of meeting the Bank of Japan (BOJ).

BOJ announced a number of embodiments of the new economic stimulus package and has an impact on the direction of gold. BOJ will certainly double the amount of the transaction at the same time the fund will conduct a comprehensive evaluation negatively affected the country’s interest rate to the economic situation. Because of this, the yen was stronger against the dollar and euro.

Gold prices rose more than US $ 18.50 / ounce in the afternoon session (local time in the US). Gold prices soared for 3 weeks now with this momentum towards increasing momentum in the second consecutive month. Spot gold prices reached the highest level since 12/7 is $ 1,348.60 / ounce. Gold price in December rose 1.4% to $ 1,359.30 / ounce. In terms of technical analysis, future gold prices remain high, closing at precious metals will have an advantage in the short term.

Another factor that impacts on the gold market as crude oil prices fell below Nymex, touching the lowest level in the past 3 months and hovering just above the threshold of 41.00 USD / barrel. Crude oil fell market is also a factor for the gold market fell officer in recent times. If crude oil continues downward trend, it would be quite difficult to gold and silver increased too much.